Gaming Chairs

Well I was talking to a friend the other day and he started banging on about his new gaming chair, 'gaming chair?' I said, 'yeah, it's the nuts' he replied.

So I thought i'd take a little look into this and see what he was so excited about. Well it turns out he was right there is such a thing as a gaming chair, in fact there are quite a few different types from bean bags to full on racing seats out there, who'd have know?

Beaten by my 5 year old son!

Well all those young gamer's obviously, not this old has been gamer who recently got beat by his 5 year son who was lying with his hands behind his head, legs crossed and saying look daddy i'm not even playing as he was beating me......

Anyway I digress back to the chairs, I'm pretty sure buying one of these will NOT actually improve your in-game performance, we all know that is down to lots of hard work, dedication to the cause, many many early mornings, lashings of {insert alcoholic beverage of choice} and not to mention ignoring the misses of course. Although I would advise against too much of that, from experience it seems women can be a bit funny about you getting pissed and playing Xbox/PS4 until 4am!!

Back to these chairs then, it does seem there is more than just hype around them. That said I have noticed a number of manufacturers have just taken a bog standard office chair and made a few minor tweaks, added a splash of colour and started charging twice as much so beware when shopping for one of these bad boys.

As I spent far too much of my time looking into this thought i'd share my findings on the different types of gaming chairs out there.

Pedestal Gaming Chairs

A pedestal gaming chair is probably the most basic gaming chair on the market. It’s got a pedestal (hence the name) and it can be adjusted to swivel in any direction. Most of the pedestal gaming chairs seem to be made of leather or cloth. Apparently these type of gaming chairs are intended for console gaming, so now you know.


A rocker gaming chair is simply that, a chair that rocks, no pedestal or anything to make it swivel, it sits directly on the floor or you can mount it on something if you're feeling adventurous. And again these are also intended for console gaming.

PC Gaming Chairs or Computer Gaming Chairs

A PC gaming chair is specifically made for gaming on a PC. The aforementioned ones can be used on a couch or when you’re playing on consoles but the branded PC gaming chairs can have a lot more features. PC gaming chairs usually have a headrest, an armrest, a lot of adjustable thingy wotsits and they generally have a great back padding to help provide great comfort to your back.

Racing Gaming Chairs

Now these bad boys are made specifically for playing racing games, the name kind of gives it away really. More commonly known as racers to the young and hip. Basically, a Racer gaming chair usually comes equipped with a wheel, an accelerator, clutch, and brakes, yeah brakes so you don't go flying into the TV probably!

So there's the different types, told you there was more to this than just a chair. Right now lets have a little look at some.

The look of the DXRacer Racing Series chair did make me chuckle, looks like a car racing seat stuck on an office chair hydraulic thing with wheels.

DXRacer Racing Series chair

The XENTA PRO E-400 GAMING CHAIR looks ugly as sin but comes packed with 'features' like Sub-woofer with deep rumbling bass, High-quality speakers, Multi-player connection (connect up to 8 units together), Breathable Micro-mesh backrest, Safety lock backrest and of course an Adjustable headrest.

Xenta pro E 400 gaming chair

You can even get inflatable ones like this one, although its probably just an inflatable chair re-branded as a gaming chair for twice as much.

Flocked Inflatable Gaming Chair

I hope you enjoyed my ramblings, I do try or is that i'm very trying? I can never remember which.

Please check out the link below for some bargains on gaming chairs, it all helps me keep this crazy site going or to be more accurate me in beer!

Posted on 2017-01-30 19:24:44 by Neil M
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