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Gaming Chairs

Well I was talking to a friend the other day and he started banging on about his new gaming chair, 'gaming chair?' I said, 'yeah, it's the nuts' he replied.

So I thought i'd take a little... Read More

CentOS 7 Linux Server Install

I was asked to help a friend out recently with setting up a Linux CentOS server for them to run some monitoring software on, so thought I'd do a quick guide not just as something to... Read More

Blocking Bad/Blank Referrers and Bots

I have posted previously about blocking IP ranges and IP addresses using the htaccess previously so won't go in to too much detail about that file, head over and have a read... Read More

Telling Google, Bing and other search engines not to index your site

There could be a number of reasons you wouldn't want a search engine to index your site, I was working on a new site for a customer recently and as... Read More

Barbie Dolls and Christmas Presents

So it's December and almost Christmas and I need to get my finger out of my neither regions and start getting on with getting Christmas presents!

I only really buy for the... Read More

Peppa Pig

My kids have loved Peppa Pig for ages, in fact I don't think i met (or heard of) any kids that don't like it? Strange as that may seem but I can honestly say i haven't! What the hell does it have that other... Read More

Matcha Green Tea

I have been a big tea drinker for many years, starting off with the basic PG Tips/Typhoo of my youth and progressing through to Yorkshire tea and various other stronger brews. A few years back I was... Read More

Paw Patrol on Nick Jr

Well my son is always going on about this Paw Patrol show and wants it on whenever he is round so I thought I'd best see what it was about as I don't like either of my kids to watch shows which... Read More

Simple PHP text Spinner

Recently someone asked me how would you go about writing a text spinner in PHP code

It simple enough, you need to work with { | } and random numbers, I have done various... Read More

Informing search engines of your site

We all know how important backlinks are and getting your pages indexed but did you know there's a little trick you can do to get Google, Bing or any search engine for that matter... Read More