MIELE C2 Cat & Dog Vacuum Cleaner

After having Dyson vacuum cleaners for years and increasingly being unimpressed with them i started looking for an alternative. I spent lots time searching online for what others have tried/used etc. and one brand which kept popping up was Miele.
Who the hell where Miele I thought?
I'd never heard of that company! So i set about researching them and it turns out they have a very high customer satisfaction rating, they're a German based manufacturer of high-end domestic appliances, commercial equipment and fitted kitchens, based in Gutersloh, Germany.

Founded in 1899 by Carl Miele and Reinhard Zinkann, they actually started out making butter churns, cream separators and a washing machine under the Meteor brand name back in 1899.
The founder Carl Miele supervised manufacturing personally and Reinhard Zinkann apprenticed and handled finances and sales.

Fast forward to today and Miele exports their products to global markets and is represented in 47 countries!

Right enough of the history lesson sure you're not here to read that!

MIELE Compact C2 Cat & Dog PowerLine Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner in Mango Red

So after reading up on them i decided to purchase a Miele Cat and Dog vacuum cleaner, a MIELE Compact C2 Cat & Dog PowerLine Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner in Mango Red to be more precise.

Here's a quick look at the MIELE C2's technical specifications:

    • Power 1200 W
    • Capacity 3.5 litres
    • Manufacturer's guarantee 2 years
    • Floor types - Carpet, Hard floor
    • Height-adjusting floorhead Yes
    • Filter type Active AirClean charcoal
    • Bag full indicator Yes
    • Easy steer technology Yes
    • Telescopic tube Yes
    • Automatic cord rewind Yes
    • Easy clean brushbar Yes
    • Operating radius 10 m
    • 360 degree hose rotation Yes
    • Colour Mango red
    • Bag reference F/J/M HyClean
    • Box contents:
      • Miele Compact C2 Cat & Dog PowerLine Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner
      • Crevice nozzle
      • Upholstery nozzle
      • Turbo brush
      • Dusting brush
      • Instruction manual
    • Power cord storage Yes
    • Power cord length 6.5 m
    • Dimensions 370 x 590 x 320 mm (H x W x D)
    • Weight 4.8 kg
    • Energy efficiency class D
    • Annual energy consumption 45.8 kWh
    • Carpet cleaning performance class C
    • Hard floor cleaning performance class B
    • Dust re-emission class B
    • Sound power level 73 dB
The above information was collected from various sites

A lot to take in there I know but for me key factors where power, cord length, weight and the filter system as my son has allergies and asthma. So off i popped to Currys (they has a sale on as they always do!) to pick one up.

Miele C2 Build quality and accessories

Once I got home and opening the box I could see what all the fuss with build quality was all about, the unit was very well made and felt solid, like a small Red tank.

Initial thoughts on the vacuum was it size and weight, it was far smaller than any of the Dyson vacuums I've owned over the years, much lighter and quite frankly sexier. The long flexible hose and telescopic metal tubes feel indestructible and this model stores its crevice, upholstery and dusting tools on a clip conveniently placed on the tube handle. These tools also felt very well made, not the usual plastic crap you get with vacuum cleaners these days.

A rather odd looking attachment was the Turbobrush floorhead, supposedly a device which has an air-driven mechanism that is great for picking up stubborn hairs from short-pile carpets, making it perfect for homes with pets.

Miele C2 Turbobrush attachment
So it's all unpacked, Turbobrush thingy attached and plugged, time to switch on. I wasn't quite ready for what happened next, the C2 starts slow then quickly picks up to full speed and my god what speed that is!

I have never seen suction power like it and the Turbo head thingy needs a new description something more akin to 'small hurricane device which will suck up anything within a 2 foot radius!'.

After my initial shock I the C2 felt really comfort able and the swivel head made vacuuming under/round and between things a complete breeze.

The Miele C2 meets smoke alarm...

I have laminate and tiled flooring in the downstairs of my home so I took the C2 upstairs to try it out on carpets. This is where the weight and size came in really handy, carrying the C2 upstairs was far easier than it used to be with my Dyson's.

Trying to vacuum the carpet actually became a comical experience quite quickly, the Miele C2 with the Turbobrush attached is so powerful i could barely move it at some points. Then just as I managed to figure out a way to handle the power it set off the smoke alarm, yes that's right the it set off the damn smoke alarm!

I did notice in the promotional video the guy put the head on the wall and it stays there, I haven't tried this myself as I'm a little worried it might pull the wall down or something!

Bags vs Bagless

The Miele C2 Cat & Dog is a bagged system, unlike the Dyson's which are bagless. I must say that this was actually something which did concern me at first as I had got used to simply pulling a leaver and emptying the cleaner straight into the bin

Not to mention not having to buy replacement bags but i can safely say that it really isn't that much more of a chore and that i managed to get 2 boxes of bags direct from the Miele website for pretty much the cost of one and free deleviry.

Summing up

Even with setting off the smoke alarm, I can't really fault the Miele C2, in fact i'd go as far as to say i will never buy another brand of vacuum again! The Miele C2 Cat & Dog has the suction power of a small hurricane, build quality of a Chieftain tank and every attachment I could ever possibly want.

Oh almost forgot to mention the cable tidy button, I've seen these type of things before but never seen one as powerful and efficent as this. Click the cable tidy button and the cable is sucked up into the unit almost as powerfully as hurricane suction from the head unit.

So if you are in the market for a new vacuum cleaner then forget all the others and get yourself a Miele, I promise you that you will not regret your choice!.

Here is the promo video with the very brave man putting his Miele against a wall, he must live in a very well built house.

Check out currys.co.uk they have a sale on at the moment, grab a bargain while you can, just click below to go there now

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