Site Updates

This is where I will (hopefully) chronicle the updates I make to the website, more for myself than anything but hey someone might be interested....!

  • Mar 2016 - More tweeks, fixed some code for sitemap generation
  • Feb 2016 - Tidied up some code, a couple new posts
  • 11th Jan 2016 - Got fed up with a redirect issue caused by SSL so installed an SSL certificate!
  • 10th Jan 2016 - Tidied up a few bits, corrected some spelling mistakes
  • 6th Jan 2016 - Added updates page (this one!) which will hopefully keep me motivated somehow?
  • 13th Dec 2015 - Finally found the JavaScript errors and removed the offending code
  • 12th Dec 2015 - Have made a number of updates, fixing the contactme page, making the site a little easier to navigate
  • Oct 2015 - Site up and running using CakePHP, Bootstrap and some rather sad posts
  • Sep 2015 - Started playing with CakePHP and the idea of a site where I can post my thoughts and crap
  • 2015 - New year new me, OK maybe not....
  • 2014 - Auction site still not really going anywhere, nothing of note in fact forgot about this domain for most of 2014
  • 2013 - An halfhearted attempt to launch an Auction site but not spending more than 15 mins at a time on anything kind of slows it down!
  • 2012 - Hmmm seems things are still going slowly but this is the year to finally finish all those projects, yup you got it some tumble weed rumbles by
  • 2011 - Idea still alive and I'm going to do this i tell you but unfortunately lots more tumble weed floats past
  • Rest of 2010 - lots of tumble weed floats past, seems that oyster was a little bad!
  • Nov 2010 - Great Idea materialised and domain purchased, The world is my oyster